Bye-Bye Bristol Comic Expo


When Mike Allwood was in charge of the Bristol Expo it was the event everyone wanted to get to and PRs, news flowed well.

Last year and the year before I struggled to get ANY news from the organisers. In fact, I had to trawl the net to get news. WHY was I not receiving news or PR?

 “We found it hard to find your contact details” (that WAS said with a straight face.

Well, Ask Mike? Just google me? Ask any of the exhibitors, most of whom know me? I am THE easiest person to contact in UK comics. 

So on 25th January I was told they’d check to see if I was on the PR list. 


Another email to them…nothing. 

I just want to make it clear that after 14 years I am no longer actively promoting the event. If organisers do not have respect for you or the work you’ve put in to make sure people get up to date news and other details then forget it. 

So ignore any rumours you hear (there are a few I’ve been told of). THIS is the reason I’m not even sure if I’m attending the event this year.


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