Black Tower Comics: The Collected Ben R. Dilworth





The Collected Ben R. Dilworth

Ben R. Dilworth
84 Pages 
Illustrated Prose
Price: £7.00
Collecting together the best selling illustrated prose of Ben Dilworth.
In Osaka Brutal, the Haiku Gold Belt holder presents his own personal Haiku. Gritty and based on his own experiences of the city and life in general.
 In Aesop’s Fables the childhood favourites become rather darker and threatening. Originally intended to be for his daughter, Dilworth reconsidered that idea quickly!  Some great stories.
In Western and Japanese Yokai, Dilworth looks at a mixture of strange, sinister and deadly demons and spirits that inhabit Japanese and Western cultures and you would seriously not believe some of these inhabitants of the Outer Edge. And each story illustrated and some of those illustrations are worth the cost of the book in themselves.
Find out why Black Tower doesn’t just publish comic albums and graphic novels -The Collected Ben R. Dilworth is a book that HAD to be published.

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