Announcements And A Palm-Slap To Head!

Oh dear gods will I never learn?

I’m in comics so I guess the answer is “No. Never. Dumb-ass!”

Stransky & Labatt have produced some short, illustrated text stories and were due to produce some comic strips.  However, there appear to have been some “difficulties” (nothing to do with me) so I have no idea what will appear.

The text stories will still be appearing in Tales Of Terror or/and Black Tower Super Heroes so they should last a while.

The other major set back is that, due to circumstances well beyond his control, Black Towers main contributing talent (no, not me), Ben R. Dilworth is taking a break from comic work.  Again, there is a good inventory of his work but it leaves the new D-Gruppe project in limbo.

Two big kicks to the head but this isn’t the first and probably will not be the last time this happens -we’re talking about comics after all.

So, I’ll plod on with D-Gruppe and wish Ben a very speedy recovery back to normal, every day life and comics.  Take it easy, mate.

And me? I’m off to have an editorial breakdown!


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