OOOOH! Black Tower (Well, ME!) Is VERY Excited.

Why am I excited? Well, two VERY well known comic creators are going to be doing work for Black Tower.  Joel Stransky and Pierre Labbat are working on The Bat George McQueen’s Bat NOT William A. Wards).

“Who?” you ask.

Well, the clues are in the names and there are a couple “Creator illoes” to follow…but you won’t recognise them from these. According to Stransky (in a thick Midlands accent): “Imagine me with no beard. No hair. Oh the cries from on high!” And Pierre Labbat…well: “This is how I see meself. Dark, suave, sophisticated. Not pissed out of my head with food stains on me best shirt!”

This is all just fun. Labbat and Stransky (well, Stransky mainly) say: “We’ll go to our graves as ‘that mysterious duo that worked for Black Tower’ and the quest to find out who we really are will go on and on -unless you blab!”

Me? No, oh mage of the Midlands!

Anyway, news to follow…at some point.


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