Bad News… Screw-up…….again.

cbo nrotg

I woke this morning to find two messages from to the effect that their printers had reported problems with the Return of the Gods file and could not print from it.


Copies have already been printed from it….I have a copy and Ben Dilworth has copy to prove it.

Emailed to find out what was going on –I wanted copies for this weekends Bristol Artists Book Event. Too late now.  Lulu got back to me that they could not push print jobs ahead of the queue…?  I then got a mail asking if I was happy with the resolution to this problem?

There has been NO RESOLUTION to any problem. took the book down from the online store and from my projects list.

I uploaded a new pdf…checked, double checked and triple checked. Had to set it all up again as I have no access to the old pdf online to remove it.  Asked if the new file could replace the old one?  Nothing.

This has now happened with EVERY large project I have produced through This cannot be coincidence.

So, a new book has been placed on the online store but no idea if that will develop a, uh, ‘fault’ suddenly.

Who wants to publish comics?!!!


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