NEW!!!! Return of the Gods: The Twilight Of The Super Heroes

There have been a few delays but the page count did expand from 196 to 318…and NO CHANGE to the cover price! That’s got to be worth it?

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The Return Of The Gods:Twilight of the Super Heroes


Terry Hooper-Scarf

Black Tower Comics


Black & white

318 Pages


Price: £10.00

Ships in 3–5 business days



It begins slowly with Earth’s heroes going about their daily tasks –fighting a giant robot controlled by a mad scientist’s brain , attackers both human and mystical -even alien high priests of some mysterious cult and their zombie followers and, of course, a ghost and a young genius lost in time.


Pretty mundane.


But there is a huge alien Mother-ship near the Moon and strange orange spheres chase some of Earth’s heroes who vanish into thin air –are they dead?


Then black, impenetrable domes cover cities world-wide.


Alien invasion of Earth!


A war between the Dark Old Gods and the pantheons that followed!


Warriors from Earth’s past having to battle each day and whether they die or not they are back the next day!


And no one suspects the driving force behind the events that could cause destruction and chaos throughout the multiverse —assaulted on all fronts can Earth’s defenders succeed or will they fail…is this truly the end?


The Black Tower hit of 2012 expanded to 318 pages from 196!



Advance previews have solicited such comments as:


“The greatest British super hero graphic novel ever!”


“Best read I’ve had in years –better than Zenith!”


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