Return Of The Gods Up-date


All Right a Return Of The Gods update.


I’ve been asked what is happening to the new version of Return Of The Gods: Twilight Of The Super Heroes?


There will be an additional 95 pages placed BEFORE the pages seen in the original version. Some chapter first pages have been redesigned and redrawn. That alone is over 100 pages to add to the original 196 pages.


There are about 30 pages to be added within the original chapters so smooth things out and explain a lot more.


There are LOTS of footnotes so you know what characters are referring to rather than having to go out looking for very rare old Adventure issues. I’m guessing the final page count will be over 300pp.


I’ve sent rough pdf copies to people and so far I’ve been told (by a real super hero geek):”This is the greatest and biggest British super hero graphic novel ever!” and one was very flattering: “This makes Zenith look amateurish” (I LOVE Zenith!!!). The funniest comment was: “****! How long has this taken to plan??”


Well, “how long”? Elements go back to the very first Black Tower zines in 1984. So….29 years!!


Return, along with Green Skies (due late 2013) will be my ultimate books -after Green Skies I can’t see much more coming along that will top these.


So, there you go -updated!




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