I Still Play The Ultimate Game


Surprises still jump up at me. I was pointing out to Ben Dilworth via letter how there was only one roughly colour-guide page left from the 1987 “Ultimate Game” that was to have re-introduced a host of old Fleetway characters.  It was a Fleetway project and as IO’ve posted about it before I won’t go over old ground again!

So I’m going through a box to check for a certain old piece of art I know was there but cannot find it.  However, there are two A3 folded sheets of art paper. Quizzically, I unfolded them -two pages of Ultimate Game inked by Dilworth!

You know me -share any old tat!

So here is the first page….

And the second page….

The story was scrapped after Fleetway hit the skids and about 30 pages of art work were never returned (but they never paid the “kill” fee either).

However, in the mid 1990s I re-wrote the story to be “The Looking Glass”, which hit a page count of 112 and still lies gathering dust.  Never brought in the old Western characters or alien menaces but….


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