Why The Return Of The Gods Will Mess Up 2012/2013!





My plans to attend comic conventions in the UK in 2013 may well have to be put on hold.


I’ll explain why.


Return Of The Gods:Twilight of the Super Heroes (ROTG) was 190+ pp book that pulled together the six part series that featured in Black Tower Adventure (vol.2) 1-6 plus a few extra pages and intro.  It got rave reviews but I suddenly realised something was “off.”


Ben Dilworth in a letter to me, remarked on something one of the characters in the story said.  It was only one panel and I dismissed it.  Enrique Ruiz, brother of Tales From The Kryptonian’s Santiago, sent me a message about the book. Again, I thought nothing of it.


However, at about 0230 hours one morning I sat up.


I realised that a few background explanations –the alien Krale had appeared before in Black Tower Adventure (vol. 1) in the early 1990s and were also involved in the Dark Lord Kaos’s Cosmic Fulcrum plot which saw a lot of parallel earths action (you see why I’m thinking background needs to be added?


BUT the Krale were referred to back in 1985 in Black Tower Presents (vol.1) when the alien Freelancer crashed to Earth –he had been part of a planned attack on Earth by Krale forces.  Cosmic Fulcrum had also seen Golden Age characters who had vanished in 1948-1951 return.  They had been prisoners of the Krale.


Fair enough.


Then I realised, while going over a lot of my old work, that gods had been interfering in a lot of my characters lives since the 1980s –Runestone got powers via a gift from the Celtic gods.  These same gods had previously chosen Turlough Flint, The Badger, as their hero-champion until he sacrificed himself to stop the dark god getting into mortal world.


There was more but I don’t want to let everything out of the bag!


“The Many-eyed One” has appeared in cameo in a few pieces of my art in recent years and I was re-reading the Dr Morg Trilogy and It was in that. I just could NOT remember that appearance.  What was worse is that I realised I had put in a sub-plot which involved the Great Dark Gods’ plans for mankind.


Seriously, I need to medicate less!


In D-Gruppe: Germany’s super hero team, gods had been meddling for a while. Evangeline, as VERY briefly mentioned in ROTG had godly connections.  There was also the question of just what Waldmeister was –a godling?


It was while I was producing the Black Tower Gold Collection that I realised there was no explanation as to how certain super heroes got their powers and in some cases –remember different writers/artists/publishers— there was a similar instigator who was involved in heroes’ creations.  A similar character to one I’d used well before being any of these old strips.


Freaking cosmic.


I realised that there was an opportunity to not just link UK Golden/Silver Ages and modern characters from Black Tower but once and for all give an origin for some. And the link between the mysterious “instigator”, the gods and the Dark Old Ones fitted everything into place but, crucially, positively fixed everything into place for the proposed “big book” of 2013 –Green Skies.


It’s remarkable how things start gelling together suddenly when you do not sleep!


If I can fit in everything as planned the the new up-dated ROTG will be more like 250-280 pages in size.  Green Skies was proposed as a 190-200 pager.


I am currently finishing off BT Adventure 9 and then I need to seriously get to work. So, ROTG, the new up-dated version, will not be out in November but more like January 2013 with Green Skies to follow during the Summer.


So I’m likely to vanish from Face Book until January at least.  Working solidly through Christmas and the New Year (which I don’t celebrate anyway).



What a day to give up comic sniffing!!



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