Black Tower: New Edition Of Return Of The Gods On The Way!


Yes, it was THE sensation of Black Tower Comics publishing history and reactions were incredible.  However, there is going to be a new and up-dated edition in October.

New art pages will be added to the Return Of The Gods:Twilight Of The Super Heroes story but there is more. The final three pages literally had readers gasping and some asking questions that included: “HOW can you possibly follow this up??”  Well, the new edition will include the entire Dr Morg Trilogy which bridges ROTG and those final pages. In total the book will have in excess of 200 pages of art.

But there is more.

If you have not followed Black Tower in the last 28 years or so jumping into this book might be a little daunting so there will be added text features to explain some of the trickier aspects.

As ROTG and the major follow-up, Green Skies, will be Terry Hooper’s comics swansong be prepared for a few surprises.

But you may be asking “Why?”

Blame Ben Dilworth. In a letter he wrote, Ben said he was surprised that Freelancer, Runestone and others had not appeared in the book.  At 0245 hours one morning I suddenly thought: “He’s right!”  If some of the characters that helped to establish Black Tower in the mid-1980s were good enough back then WHY leave them out of a major event?

And so I have started adding pages of art and with those characters the book now feels genuinely Black Tower.  Those characters have made it more a personal and nostalgic book.  However, one character does not make it.  I won’t say who it is but I was drawing the pages and suddenly ——- was dead.  I went to scrap the page but couldn’t. If I do not stay true to what just comes out of my imagination but make it planned and contrived I might as well be working for Marvel or DC!

It is quite sad for me but super heroing, like joining the Armed forces has its risks.  And in the BT universe death is final.


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