“This Is Germany’s Own Alpha Flight!”


I was very pleased to hear from a couple German fans this week.  The subject was Black Tower’s D-Gruppe.

Chris Hoffer:”A pity it’s not in colour but this is what we need. A ****** bad ass German group of super heroes!”

Klaus 87 was rather kind and wrote: “This is Germany’s own Alpha Flight! I can’t wait for all the promised goodies to come!”

Now, I’m sorry guys, but I have to disappoint to an extent. D-Gruppe 1-4 is old material I wanted out of the way for the new storyline.  Number 5 -ditto.  However, 1-5 are to be combined into one big book that will clear the way for the new material -including what happened to the D-Gruppe members who disappeared while chasing a UFO (shown in Return Of The Gods).

After that, D-Gruppe will become a regular strip in Adventure.

So thank you and please keep reading the books!


Note:once the larger book is published the regular sized issues of D-Gruppe will be deleted so will become something of a collectible. The big book should be out early September so if you want the regular books….


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