Things I Do Early In The Morning.

I hear it all the time.  People think I just throw a book together in five minutes and sit back waiting for the money to roll in!

Well, take a look at the below photo taken at 0200 hrs of me holding The Return Of The Gods:Twilight Of The Super Heroes book -all those coloured notes are for projects leading from this book (there are 5 pages of notes tucked inside the cover!) -you will not have to purchase ROTG to enjoy the new projects.  Black Tower doesn’t work that DC/Marvel con on its readers!

But it does not stop there.  A lot of oscure British Golden Age characters are being revived (or have been) and introduced into the BTCG Universe.

Below is the Complete Gold collection (there is an up-date planned) and each of those notes…guess?

A lot of things will be leading up to The Green Skies epic but, again, you will not need to buy anything to understand that book.

Anyway, isn’t the most important question what I was doing at 0200 hrs ‘in bed’ with a camera next to me?


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