Hand or Computer Lettering? Computer Wins ‘Hands Down’!

I have to admit that typing then cutting and pasting word balloons/text these days has become a chore -a very difficult chore.  So, having saved (just about) the art for what was to have been D-Gruppe nr. 5 but which will now form part of the trade paperback, I looked at the lettering.

Three people convinced me that it looked “fine”  and, if I was going about this as a zine I might have agreed…not likely, though.

These pages have not been tidied up yet so remember that.

Below is page 8, hand lettered.



For the new version I am using Microsoft Office Publisher.  That said, at 9 point sized text (for an A4 book) I can get more text and dialogue into the balloon spaces. I hate not having hard copy to hand but with the various problems this seems to be the way to go.

It does take time but the book, D-Gruppe: The Once And Future Team should be out in September.  This will bring together all the D-Gruppe stories up to 1995 –The Trial will bridge the gap between those and The Return Of The Gods , in which Kopfmann and other members vanished while pursuing a UFO.  What happened after they vanished will appear in Black Tower Adventure but let me just say that something big and hot that turns up in the story I’m just lettering is connected – but years out of synch.

Do I forward plan all of this?

Do I flippin’ eck!



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