Comic Critics. People Who CANNOT But Who Criticise Those Who CAN!

 I have to say that, as a publisher, I’m breathing a sigh of relief. Why? Well, I’ve decided that it just is not worth sending out review books to bloggers. I’ve lost count of the number of books I’ve had to pay for -including postage to me and then postage to the bloggers.

Whereas CBO reviews every book received it seems that other bloggers just want freebies.  Out of all the books I have sent out since 2010 do you know how blog reviews have followed? Three -all on the Tales From the Kryptonian blog based in Germany. The only publicity from the UK has been a press release and cover images on Down The Tubes and Speech Balloons. 

It is the negative attitude of bloggers who pretend to be critics -people who cannot so criticise people who can.

One blogger stated he didn’t like the look of the art.  He had not seen the book -only low res scans on a blog.  Now, do I buy a copy of the book at £6.00 and pay the £5.00 postage on top plus the £8.00 on top of that to get the book to this blogger?  I checked his site. Everything is DC and Marvel -not an independent black and white in site.

No. I saved the £19.00 (incidentally, postal rates are killing small businesses in the UK).

Another said that he had seen the cover but “not sure I like the book but send it and I’ll see if I can review at some point but no promises.”

***** off.

You see, all those people out there who say “You don’t know what it’s like to try to sell books or get reviews” are talking out their asses. I do know. I’ve had 30 years of knowing how it is -things have become far more negative since the anonimity of the internet when these critics get ‘brave’ because you confront them and they crap their pants.

But I’m not the only one who gets this negativity. Exchanging emails with Underground and other Independent comic publishers I’ve found that they, too, get this negativity. Hey, if you’ll only deal with Marvel and DC like some brain-washed moron and act negative before you even see the book then you have the answer right there as to why you are getting no review books.

Oh, there are those non-existent reviewers who write “I do reviews -send me a copy!” and when you find their blog it has either no postings or nothing to do with comics: they are just trying to get free books -the same thing happens in the war-gaming/modelling world.

So, while everything CBO gets is reviewed I’ve decided that sending out review books is pointless -I have a Black Tower Face Book page, a BT Blog, two CBOs and a good few Yahoo groups so I can do my own publicity!

Tales From The Kryptonian will still get review books, though!




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