Jemma Webster


Black & white

16 pages

£1.50 (£2.00 including p&p)

So, you might think that with all the European BD I’ve been getting a black and white Small Press item would not overly excite me?  Wrong.

That first page just hit my eyes. It’s not just good artwork but, if my feeble old eyes do not deceive me –stippling!  I think that the last time I saw stippling in a Small Press book was Shockwave back in the 1980s. Mastering stippling is very difficult so I am very impressed.

There is only one word balloon in this comic, right at the very end and it is a good “punch-line.”  The art really does carry the story along and there is some great surrealism going on here.  This is a really great comic and I would definitely like to see more –especially since few things ever make me just silently sit and look through the art in a comic more than three times.

You miss out –YOUR loss.

Now, ordering.  Well, the blog I can’t get much on other than some colour art. And I keep getting the message that the Face Book page doesn’t exist!  Sooooo, best thing to do is contact Jemma at:

Highly recommended.


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