Artists: Ben R. Dilworth, Terry Hooper-Scharf, Rey Prothero and Perry O’Thore
58 Pages
Price: £5.50
Ships in 3–5 business days
At last! After cameo appearances in Tales of Terror and one strip over the last twenty years THE PHANTOM DETECTIVE returns in two tales to horrify!
Plus, The Thinker…thinks DOOM!
Having discovered the Iron Warrior in the African jungle, three adventurers are about to get a shock”
A wizened old man offers to give Kelvin Nolan his helmet which creates a few misunderstandings in Kelvin Nolan and His Helmet of Power!
Runestone tests the rune that has embadded itself in his hand while, in The Cross-Earths Caper (pt.2)Bristol is, quite virtually, The Wild, Wild West Country..and Selenites threaten to destroy Earth. Thought that ought to be mentioned.

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