UK/US Independent Publishers:READ THIS!!!

Comic Bits Online has been going since 2005 (since 2007 on WordPress) and we DO NOT touch Marvel or DC just Independent/Small Press comics.

We DO NOT review based on PDF (see Reviews Policy on site as to why).

You can even advertise there VERY cheaply on CBO -others have!

Every year, without fail, at events I hear publishers saying no one will review their books or publicise them or events such as signings to promote said books. EVERY year I give them CBOs details. Response? Bugger all -but they are still complaining.

Being mentioned on CBO CANNOT guarantee sales but it does get your book seen.

European publishers started using CBO this year because of its reputation in the industry. I’ve reviewed more French and German books than British…because British/US publishers will not send review books.

“Can’t afford the postage” -well, you are not being serious then. I have to fork out on postage to get review books out.  It’s part of the business.

Recently, trying to get Black Tower books reviewed in the UK I found only Speech Balloons and Down The Tubes willing to publish press releases.  Every other comic site was only interested in Marvel, DC or Dark Horse. These are blogs claiming to review books -they don’t mention anything not in colour or from Marvel or DC are excluded.

So I know the problems. It is why CBO is here. And if you get a review on CBO (everything sent is reviewed without exception) post a link to CBO so that people visiting your site can see whether its worth buying -Cinebook The 9th Art and Classical Comics do this.

Now never, ever tell me that “no one” is interested in reviewing your book. The T-shirt may well read “Sarcasm-It Beats Killing People” but there are exceptions.


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