Black Tower Comics: Return Of The Gods: Twilight Of The Super Heroes

Writer/artist: Terry Hooper-Scharf

Black Tower Comics

Comic Album format (A4)


black & white

197 pages



Originally published, after 12 years, in Black Tower Adventure #s1-6, Return of the Gods: Twilight of the Super Heroes sees several storylines combined into one big event.

Heroes around the world disappear after being chased by glowing orange spheres -the world believes them dead though the hero community is pursuing every avenue of investigation, including the possibility that a super villain may be behind the disappearances.  But the heroes have actually been transported to a huge walled city on a dimensional plane -Neo Genesis -he home of the gods.

Unknown to the heroes, they are pawns in a game by the gods to use them to fight of the return of the Ancient Old Dark Gods.

Meanwhile, on Earth, an alien invasion beach-head action by the Boarmen has taken place. Huge impenetrable domes have concealed cities around the world and all within are trapped -which includes some long forgotten heroes.

The hero community as well as world governments find their resources stretched on several fronts: trying to penetrate the city domes, search for the lost heroes and in a last desperate attempt to stop the Boarmen, a team heads off into space.  Meanwhile, Earth’s mystical heroes gather…

On Neo Genesis heroes and gods die while a mysterious figure looks on.

Join BTCGs Indian, Pakistani, Chinese, Singaporean, British and other international heroes in the ultimate Black Tower adventure where heroes DO die and death is final.

No one comes back from the dead.

This edition contains five new pages of art.



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