You Wanted It…You Got It.

In more than 30 years in comics there is one things I am proud of. I have never ever mistreated a fellow creator, cheated anyone or lied to anyone –there would be no point.  Unlike the multitude of people who attack me online in groups or on CBO, my details are public.  I do not use a pseudonym anywhere.

I notice “Mr Ben” has gone quiet after making an accusation against me and my promising to sue him for every penny (ISPs no longer protect flamers and you get a legal notice and they bend over quick) because I had never ever worked with him on Thundercats comic!!! How I cheated him on that I have no idea but he won’t put up.

The internet has allowed one thing: it has allowed cowards who hide behind pseudonyms and disposable emails (you cannot hide your IP Address) to lie and spread malicious rumours. They think that in the computer age they are safe.  They act all friendly toward you at events but then immediately snipe at you anonymously on the internet and stating as “fact” things I’ve deliberately told them to make them look idiots.

Why not put all this negative energy into trying to revive the UK comic industry? Is it because now it is the “done thing” to be absolutely negative about everything and everyone while making sure “number one”(self) is taken care of?  Not surprising when this is the sort of attitude promoted by every newspaper and TV programme that (to roars of laughter from audiences) mocks celebrities or people in the news using any disability?

Charles Kennedy, for Liberal Democrat leader resigned and announced that he was struggling with alcoholism. That was a few years ago but still the jokes flow.  A certain muslim cleric with hooks for hands was the subject of non-stop sick jokes on Mock The Week (a weekly ‘new satire’ show) for 20 minutes in a 30 minute programme.  Okay, I don’t like the man and his ideas but to ridicule over physical disabilities?

The same show brought out a “Too Hot For TV” dvd in which blind politician David Blunkett was incessantly the butt of jokes…because he was blind.

You can pick examples from every walk of life and every media. What was it Morrissey sang “don’t you hate it when your friends are famous and Northern”? Now it is ANYONE trying to be positive and do something good who is attacked.  Two people on the bus today were reading the Metro newspaper and something about a person raising money for charity –“Yeah, and how much of that do they pocket?” was the remark.

I’ve seen this same attitude sweep into comics and it is why we do not have any industry now.

I took a look at The Dandy comic today.  No wonder its sales are still falling.  Will they try something new? No. Thomson is in the position where it could make itself a big –if not the only– player in comics.  Instead it allows the same people to flop from one disaster to another.

How long before someone in management looks at what is going on and actually decides its time for a clean sweep?  I can see them cancelling comics –sorry “comic”- and saying “there is no market there any more”. Bullshit.

I sell more books than Thomson sells copies of Dandy.

Why do Cinebook sales rise?  Why are people telling me that each month they are ordering Franco-Belgian BD from Europe?  Within two years Thomson’s comic output could be increased and its position strengthened. WHY would any company produce inferior product and put it on the market place and see awful sales and continue to produce that product. I seriously think this is a tax dodge.

It was one of “The Big Two” but that was over 30 years ago.

I can seriously see European publishers (and they are looking) move in and take over the UK with no opposition because they respect the creators, the art and the product as well as the customer.

Weekly comics?  No. Never happen. In the last 25 years there has been no attempt to encourage kids to go out and buy a comic.  Its okay for educationalists and government ministers to say “improve your childs literacy by buying him/her a comic” –WHAT COMIC???  The US reprints or they toys with some pretense at a comic attached? Or, gods help us –The Dandy???

I even had a blazing argument with some idiot ( about the Bristol comic expo.  Apparently, its “crap” –I’m not involved in the Expo but it is the best in the UK and Mike has led it from a small event to what it is today.  A super and must-go-to event.

As far as I am concerned the UK has the industry the professionals in it want. A dying hulk…in fact “hulk” is building it up too much. “a dying carcass might be more appropriate.”

You fellas know who you are.  Well done.

And for me, well, there is nothing more to discuss or say.
I urge you all to, like myself, try to support and promote the Small Press and good Indie comics as well as events associated with them because they are all we have.


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