The British Comics Industry…Cancelled.

Well, the International Comic Expo panel in May, “The State Of The British Comics Industry” is cancelled.
I’ve tried all those people who were all up to being on the panel and had strong views on the subject but only one has responded with a “well…maybe…not sure.”  Not good enough.
Seriously, if this is publisher/creator attitude there is no point bothering.  As I’ve written before, this speaks volumes about the industry and those working/trying to work in it.  ‘Good luck’ to you all as you try to crawl your way into…well, what-ever might still be going.
Personally, I’m too busy with business to try helping to save an industry full of people who just want to live off past glory (if any) and who do not care.
I can see why certain factions in the UK hate European comics: in Europe they tend to be passionate and care about their industry and comics as an art form.  Do not tell me “Comics are a dying art here -fewer people are buying” because I’ll seriously do you some damage.  Cinebook goes from strength-to-strength and there are still Independent publishers out there doing well.

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