The New Atlas Comics And My “Big Mouth”!

I recently reviewed -or “critiqued”- Atlas Unified #1, possibly one of the worst drawn “major cross-over” series ever.  Apart from Wulf, which has maintained good story and good art, the Atlas titles have been a major disappointment.

Why say these were such fantastic characters that they had to be revived and then…well..yeugh. I seriously doubt that at this standard Atlas will see 2012 through.  A comic pundit put it this way: “It’s a D grade comic company trying to become a B grade company….and not doing too well!”

But I got a couple of emails after I mentioned my bitter disappointment at the art and both more or less said the same thing: “You’ve got a big mouth -but I bet you couldn’t draw them any better!”

Well, in 1995, an Indian comics company got in contact and said that they had rights to use the Atlas characters.  They asked whether I would write and draw the four issue series? YES!!

Now, what I did was put together a “rough” -this is by no means anywhere near finished- to show the characters and story and a colour rough for their colourist (I no longer have the colour roughs).  I started working on the art proper when I found out the company did not have the rights to use the characters -copyright is a big problem with some Indian publishers.

So the project was cancelled.

So, Phoenix (aka The Protector), Bog Beast, Morlock, Grim Ghost and Destructor I got a chance to draw.  Guys -you see: I tried!


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