Oh Woe Is Marvel

When I mentioned on CBO that there were very strong rumours that Disney were buying Marvel Comics I was told that was ridiculous.  No one believed me.

Disney bought Marvel Comics

When I pointed out that Disney buying Marvel would now mean original British material for UK Marvels would stop.  This was traditional with Disney and it only ever allowed one artist outside of the USA to draw Micky Mouse -an Italian whose name I cannot recall (sorry).

“No” I was told, “Disney has promised that it will not interfere in Marvel Comics!”

Disney stopped the production of any new UK material to be included in its Marvel titles (Europeans are seen as too strong on Creators Rights).

“Disney will NOT interfere in the creative process or direction of Marvel Comics” we were told. I pointed out that like a bear really has no choice but to take a poo in the wild so Disney has no choice but to lie and interfere (this IS the Evil Empire remember).

I’ve been talking to a lot of fans who all note that Marvels “darker” mood comics have changed.  Older readers are saying “It’s like the old Marvel” and, yes, that is the direction being taken.  Apparently, according to two of my very reliable sources (“Deepthroat” and “Deepthroat II”) Disney did not like that a company “it owned and controlled were staining their clean-cut family entertainment reputation.

Oh no -Disney IS interfering in Marvel Comics!!!!!

If you buy the titles regularly you SHOULD have noticed the changes.  If not…….

The question on many lips is: “Is Joe Quesada’s job safe?”  Answer:”Only Disney knows!”


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