This Is A Sunday Rant But Without The Ranting As I Just Cannot Be Bothered

Yes, it’s Sunday morning and my diabetes is playing me up summat chronic so it’s time for…..




Well, not really.  Just more sense.  And, as the “self-appointed saviour of British comics” my words are like unto those of god.  Problem is I don’t believe in god (and I do not care what HE says I said I didn’t believe in him before he said he never believed in me!).


Someone asked about this May and the International Comic and Small Press Expo and “The Current State of the British Comics Industry” panel.  Well, to date I am still to hear from any of those who, last year, were very vocal about wanting to be on the panel to voice their opinions.  I think that says everything you need to know about the UK comics industry!


Obviously, if no one has confirmed by the end of February the panel is cancelled. If people from comic shop owners, creators and publishers cannot be bothered then why should I?


I was also asked whether I had lost my interest in Korean and Chinese comics? The answer to that is “Yes/No” and I will explain.


The Korean organisation responsible for promoting Manhwa had one opportunity after another to have a spot at the International Expo about three years ago but blew it by delaying, delaying, not responding and being an awful pain.  Nothing –nothing– has changed since.  The assumption has to be that all of those involved in Korean comics just want to sit about and shuffle papers.  After three years or so you would think anyone really out to promote their nations Manhwa would have done something!  There is more evidence for alien abductions than that Korea wants to promote its artistic creators.


As for China and Manhua. Well, to be honest, I think we really do need to get them over here. Firstly, to promote their planned Comic and animation museum,  which is so cool I just cannot believe it.  You can see the video presentation here:


I seriously believe that if China decided it wanted to get onto the international comics market it could be as major as Manga once was.  If they decide that they have a genuine art-form (as France decided long ago with their BD) and realise just how big it could be then they would quite literally conquer the market –they have the mind-set to do so.


India, sadly, blew its chance by being very insular and, in some cases, not wanting to change but keep to what they have always published in some cases.


Korea, China and India. These were the three sleeping tigers but while two remain comatose, only one continues to show its potential…China.


And as it happens (bouncing back to the British industry) I had a very clear idea the other night of the perfect commercial comic that ought not to fail. I was asleep at the time but made notes quickly on waking. Will I reveal details? Like hell.


I think I mentioned that “Reviews In History” asked me to review British Comics A Cultural History? Finally submitted it and was worried that it was a bit too long. Got a reply that it was too short and that usually 2-3000 words was required. Note to any time-wasters: if you want a specific minimum word count say so!!


Please, I’ve had several emails this week asking how to break into the comics industry.  I am not a careers advisor.  You struggle and learn like the rest of us did! Also, I can’t really tell which publisher you ought to go to when I can’t see any sample art.  A point, though:DC and Marvel are closed shops which is why they are dying (don’t make me mention, yeugh…Justice League).


Anyway, I have work to do and I think I’ve annoyed enough people.


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