On My “unethical” Behaviour

For some reason I never get notified when comments are posted here.  However, a few of you pointed out that I had been challenged over unethical behaviour and I was stumped.  Checking the comments I found this:


“Hello Terry, I´m Rocker the guy who made the Supernaturals 3D pictures shown in this post and redraw the episode of Kotar & Sabuta included in BT Adventure 01, remember me?
I tried to contact you some time ago via Facebook but you didn´t answered my message or even accepted my friendship request, so I write to you here.
The reason for this is simple: I think it´s very rude from you to include these illos whithout even mentioning the fact tha they were not made by you but by me, not to mention the unfulfillment of your promise to send me a copy of the issue that included The Deadly Dilemma Of Sigismund Benfriggisund that you made when I draw it some years ago. I think that´s a very unethical behavior from you.
Take note that I´m not asking any compensation, the only think I ask for is the rightful recognition for a work that I made just for fun and good will.”


To which I respond here:



You have my email of hoopercomicsuk@yahoo.com? This is findable anywhere on CBO or this site and you should have contacted me there as that would have been the politest and best thing to do before making accusations.


Firstly, I did try contacting you at your email address and the last email I got from you was this one on 20th July, 2007:


“Hi Terry


First of all, I want to thank you for posting my version of Kotar & Sabuta at your site. By the way, congratullations, you`re making an exellent work with it!


The only thing I`d like to ask you is to let me know when ALMH is published, in order to tell any friend who may be in Europe at the time to buy it. Oh! And whenever you want me to draw another story just let me know and send it to me.

About The Paranormals Animated, it`s stopped because, despite you sent me a lot of reference material, they are all profiles of the characters. There`s no story, not even a plot. They are very interesting and intriguing characters but I don`t know what to do with them. Please tell me: What do you want to happen in the short? Do you have any story to use the characters in? If you do, please send it.”


The email I had was teddyrocker@gmail.com .  I could NOT use your version of Kotar & Sabuta, though I liked it, because as I mentioned I needed a slightly better scan for printing AND I needed your permission to use it and your NAME so you could be credited as a person not “Teddy Rocker” which as a publisher would have put me in a bad position.  As it was I re-drew my original strip and published it in Adventure. So I NEVER went ahead and published your version without sending you a copy.


DO NOT EVER accuse me of unethical behaviour before checking your facts (with me in this case) because I have never in over 30 years cheated or badly treated any creator I’ve worked with.


If you read the item on this site I make it clear that I’d just found all the bits and pieces including the 3D illoes. However, until I got my old computer up and running again and could check who made them (we are talking 2006) I could not credit them.  This HAS been done.


I note that I sent you FOUR emails after July 2007 to see what was going on with the 3D Paranormals idea as well as a rough script guideline as requested.


Also, how could I send you a copy of A Little Midnight Horror had it included your work with no postal address (which I did ask for twice –I keep ALL my emails)?


I don’t even know what country you are from??????


You would have done far better to contact me at my private email which has not changed since 1998.  As it is I only heard of your comment here after a couple of regulars told me so you made your accusations public and I have to defend myself.


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