New: Two Hot Girls

Two Hot Girls On A Hot Summers Night
Hooper & Wetherell
Ships in 3–5 business days
Almost a millennium ago, two women from different classes fell in love and carried on a passionate affair. Jayne was a brunette Saxon princess with a reputation for dabbling in witchcraft. Marian was a blonde, Norman peasant girl. They were meant to be lovers forever and to fulfil a prophecy. and to allow this, a wizened witch cast an ancient spell. In future lives, in future centuries, the pair were destined to meet again and again.
2 Hot Girls on a Hot Summer Night was an erotic, four-issue mini-series created by Terry Hooper and Art Wetherell for Eros Comics in 1991. It became a huge seller but the trilogy only saw part 1 and 2 completed…until now.
For adults only, this is part 1 of the trilogy which includes MAEVE and the never before revealed final story in The Darke Child.

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