Sizzlin' Sisters
Art Wetherell & Terry Hooper
Black and white

99 pages




Ships in 3–5 business days
Published by Eros Comix in 1997, Sizzlin’ Sisters continued the company’s line of books aimed directly at the adult market. Each issue, Sizzlin’ Sisters puts the spotlight on erotic tales featuring the sexual exploits of women with each other.
There are various plot devices of sorts that are used to place the women in, shall we say “compromising positions,” of which they happily, of course, take full advantage. The use of large panels, isn’t just to succeed in making sure that the reader has little doubt with regard to the action that is taking place in the story, this series was based on the original Two Hot Girls script written and rejected by Terry Hooper.
Here, for the first time, are all the issues in one volume. STRICTLY FOR ADULTS ONLY!!!


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