Heroes Of India, Try-Outs And Time-Wasting.


I’ve mentioned more than once before that I occasionally get asked to put together projects for other companies -some as far off as India. So I thought I’d show you some of the very low resolution artwork.

When Virgin Comics launched in India I predicted Mr Branson would do what he always does:make a lot of quick money then run.  That is what eventually happened so chalk up another famous Hooper prediction!

Some of the already existing Indian companies panicked slightly. Or, rather, some editors did. I was contacted and asked by one whether I could produce some artwork featuring some of their old characters in a super hero title.

So, I set to work. First thing to do are the roughs and then ask the company if there are any changes before the nice clean detailed “real” pages are done.  Indian fans will know which company these characters belong to. I was told “great” and that was it. They never responded so its probably a good thing I never drew the full comic and submitted it!

Another company asked for a comic of all-original super characters based in India. I did 50+ pages of Heroes Of India plus some colour pages. I submitted the project by the deadline -THREE WEEKS from the day I was asked whether I could put the book together.

I waited. Waited. Emailed. Tried phoning. Nothing.  The work WILL be re-used in Black Tower Adventure during 2012.

Someone from Raj comics then asked for an original  super hero series that could incorporated those characters they already had. The pages below were the roughs that I submitted with colour versions to get the “okay”.  That was it. Never heard a word back.

It’s one reason why, unless they put the request in writing I will no longer deal with companies in India. There is also the problem that they feign ignorance of copyright! You see a comic featuring Superman, Spider-man, Captain Lou Albano and the Nagraj (their own character) -but the DC/Marvel and Albano totally used without permission -“What do you mean by copyright?” is the response I got from an Indian editor!!

You will see these pages in Adventure at some point but slightly altered (obviously).

It does go to show that India has a long way to go to gain respect in the world comic market.

ALL artwork/characters (c)2011 the respective copyright holder




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