On The Comics Work Ethic

I mentioned that I’ve asked people I know working in the Small Press and Independent Comics whether they’d care to contribute to a project. I asked the same here on CBO 3-4 times plus several times on the Alternative Press and British Small Press Face Book pages (almost 2000 members there).

Reaction? Not a jot.

Ben Dilworth resides in Japan and teaches English as a job. In his spare time he has contributed several books worth of art, LOTS of strips being used in Black Tower Adventure, has just completed a 42 pp Silvermaigne book and is working on a new Purple Hood book.

The stack of his Adventure contributions is 5 inches thick.

Thats in about 8 months.  Full time job.

THAT shows dedication to the comics medium. I don’t think I’ve said it enough so…


Puts current UK artists to shame.


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