Time For Companies In The UK Comics Industry To Be Counted


I have, today, decided to break a golden rule regarding confidential correspondence.

The UK industry really needs revitalising and it is pointless to try to talk or even write a letter/email editors.  They are happy to sit on their fat arses and take the pay cheque while doing nothing to keep the industry alive and kicking.

When their companies make redundancies or close we’ll see the teary-eyed morons complain about how they are now out of work. I don’t care.

I have just posted six -6- letters to UK publishers who produce comics, however limited. I have enclosed up-dated industry reports plus proposals to boost the UK industry while pointing out that European publishers are eyeing up the UK to expand into.

Damn the editors -I’ve sent the items to the CEOs/Managinbg Directors of the companies. By-pass the monkies and get to the organ-grinders.

If there are no responses or just the usual “flip-off” responses, then those responses WILL be published on CBO. No responses, then no worries -those companies will still be named.

Its time to be counted and if the publishers cannot be bothered then damn them, too.

30th July is when I’ll start naming names.


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