Publishing Comics: The Adventure Continues!

Well, I’ve today finished drawing the final part of The Jungle Planet, a Thaddeus Twatt adventure. This will be for Adventure No.7, due out toward the end of this month.

Text is completed  so then its a tidy up. See what, if any, art needs to be cleaned up or added to.  The shock ending is just that and is totally SECRET!!

Let’s just say that Twatt and his nephew, Tomas, will not be in No. 8.

As all the Ben Dilworth art is ready that just leaves the final part of Xendragon:The Legacy Of Frankenstein. This is on time and no problems. Will Xendragon be turned into spare body parts by the insane Frankenstein?

Of course, the big feature, replacing Return Of The Gods:Twilight Of The Super Heroes, has been announced on our Face Book page. It’s The Cross-Earths Caper.  Following on from Return Of The Gods, Earth’s crime-fighting community is down to a bare minimum, Tech-Man returns after the death of Rachel Flynn who had taken over his mantle.

The question is, what, if anything, is Zom The Mystic up to? And who is the mystery new character Earth’s heroes encounter.  A man with super human strength but no memory?

Oh, you will have to buy Adventure 8 to find out!

We’re now coming up to 40 books available from Black Tower Comics and Books and pretty soon Black Tower Gold 6 will be available featuring such 1940s characters as TNT Tom, Cat Girl, The Iron Boy and more.

Why are we the UKs biggest Independent comics publisher? Because we are!

So keep dropping by for further updates.


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