Things ARE On The Move

   There have been a LOT of problems throughout June but I can assure you all that Black Tower Adventure 6 will be out by Monday.

Not just out but it’ll be an 80 page Giant Sized issue!

Yes, Thaddeus Twatt, Atomic Tommy, Xendragon, Dr Sorrow, the final part of Return of The Gods:Twilight Of The Super heroes and more.  You’ll also find the 5 page “Whatever Happened To Mark Tyme?”  Have I mentioned that there’s a Phantom Detective text story by Ben Dilworth?

There are some other publications I’m not going to mention just yet but they’ll harken back to the good old days of the Small Press.

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be showing a few pages from different Black Tower publications -though there are 8 page previews of each on the online store.

And there’s some work going on regarding video adverts/previews so I’m not sitting on my bum.


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