Loving The Alien

I love this. It’s the image off Abe’s business card.  It’s from an official Belgian government video where he had to drive a tractor with crop-cutter working and some photographer walked backwards in front of him!

Thankfully, Jerome Saincantin took a photo of myself with Abe.  Over at the Mercure SPEXpo we had shared a few “moments” and the loving continued at the Ramada until Jerome whispered in my ear: “It’s a man in there”.

I was heart broken.

As we shared a moment before Jerome’s shocking revellation, I took a photo of me and “Sexy A”.  I have a question: Why the bloody hell does an alien look better than me????!!!!!

Oh, red studded collar.  Jerome shrugged and said: “Hey -the studded collar was his idea. Go figure!”


Apparently, Colonial Space Marine in combat gear, suave, sophisticated French Colonial Marine sporting a nifty bear and the Alien walked across Bristol to a sushi bar in St Nicholas market.  Apparently the Japanese lady in the bar screamed and then had her photo taken with Abe!

He loves to scare women.  The women loved being scared by him.  They also loved the, uh, feel of the alien body. It’s a babe magnet.

Kids loved the outfit, too.

Seriously, if you are organising a convention or a corporate event then hire this guy.  He must be 6 feet 6 (7)  inches tall but for hours he is in character. I’m not kidding.Ditto promo videos, etc.

Contact details:


or go to Abe T. Alien on the CBO blog roll.



This is what every comic or film convention needs!


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