I Had Fun With Cinebook…And Orbital!

My sincere THANKS to Cinebook and, I believe Guillaume, who took the photographs. You can see many more at their FaceBook page!

Aldous Russell. None of my photos of him came out.  This guy is one of the most enthusiastic people you can meet.  He has a high quality Thorgal bust for sale at £65.00 -there’s a photo of it on the FB page. Aside from that say “Hi” if you see him -he has a budding fan base, you know!

This is Tim the fellow from Oxford who you can see is over the moon about his Serge Pelle sketch.  I don’t think I heard a surname but he is a very enthusiastic fan and it was great to talk to him.

I swear here and now that the smile was a photoshop job. I don’t smile.  Its part of the cantankerous old git contract!

But with a sketch like that how can I not..s..s..sm..smile?

Hey, I think it safe to say that we’re all part of the Cinebook Family and I hope it grows even bigger (though it is VERY large at the moment!).


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