The British Boys Brigade, Eye Of Romulus and 1966!

I finally managed to access some of my old discs today and found quite a few things I had totally forgotten about.  Firstly, you’ll recognise John Torch from Black Tower Adventure and the RETURN OF THE GODS series.  You DO recognise him?

Question is just what happened to the statue he faced various threats with.  In fact, did Torch actually survive the whole event??

Then we have the below characters who met with the so-called “Eye of Romulus” and the Garganta “The Great Ape” in 1966 but what happened to them??

Garganta, of course, turned up in Return Of The Gods -dumped injured at the feet of the Chinese Phoenix Team by a group of Fei-wei.

Interestingly, for me anyway, these rough sketches had a note with them.  They were part of a series for a comic Fleetway/Egmont were interested in publishing.  The quick note I made after the discussion with the company:

“1966 (title).

“In 1966, a year after the menace of The Spider rocked the US and the Steel Claw went about his insane plans, Robot Archie and other adventurers were established and reputations made..

“Other adventurers were “past their sell-by date” and in January, 1966, these people learned of a secret threat:and secret service agents on both sides of the Iron Curtain start dying.

“Air Commodore Robert Britton (“Battler Britton”) is on the trail of a Nazi scientist, Dr von Hoffman when he meets up with Victor Drago in Vienna.  The duo uncover a plot to send a “red death” plague to devastate a world.

“Aging heroes known and unknown join the hunt to stop Hoffman in…

1966:The End Of The World!”

Sadly, a change in editors and policy meant the company decided to take the project no further -some 15 pages had been drawn and the script completed. Not unusually, no one told me.  I turned up at the offices with the pages as arranged and eventually met some suit who explained that the company wasn’t interested any more -“Did no one contact you?”


I just threw everything in the bin and thanked the man and company for wasting my time.  Bad move on my part though I do remember everything in the story!

So, I re-used the adventure characters at the start of Return Of The Gods.

I’ve not forgotten.

Neither have I forgotten that in that sand second issue a team of kid crime-fighters, The British Boys Brigade met a strange fate.

These things will all be sorted out in the fullness of time and my mind may be a bit leaky but we’ll get there!


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