There Is An Interviews Book You Know?

I was asked if it was right that I had collected some of the interviews I have done over the years for Comics F/X, Comic Bits, Zine Zone International and CBO?

Yes, is the simple answer.

It’s 365 pages, black and white but fully illustrated with art and photographs and only £10 -which is cheap!

You can order the book via the online store front.

There are the two mysteries books, Some Things Strange And Sinister and Some More Things Strange & Sinister -over 300pp in each and there are old photographs -some previously thought of as ‘lost’ photographs found by myself- line work, maps and more.

Again, check the online store for details.

I am currently working on the idea of making the Gold Collection into one huge reference volume with a little more text back up.

Oh, and Black Tower Adventure 6 sees the final part of Return Of The Gods:Twilight Of The Super Heroes but it will also be the first Adventure Bumper Holiday Annual..that’s the plan so far.

Any questions get in touch.



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