Bristol International Comic Expo

The Bristol International Comics and Small Press Expo is this weekend.  I’m hoping everyone has their ticket?  You need to check the web site (over on the blog roll) to see if and what tickets will be available over the weekend but it is a ticket only event.

I will be over at the main Ramada dealer room at some point.  I have to have my yearly chat with Olivier Cadic of Cinebooks The 9th Art (if you’ve missed any of the reviews then check out Categories to the right where all Cinebook reviews have their own little home!  I’m a bit more excited because Serge Pelle, the artist on the series Orbital will be attending.

Of course, in the dealer room you will find Forbidden Planet as well as a host of other dealers and I’m hoping prices are not as high as last year (one table was asking £4.00 for an April issue of The Avengers!).

Bristol’s other comic shop, Area 51 usually has a table so check them out.

Excelsior! Comics will have their table, as last year, over at the Mercure Small Press/Independent hall.

And I have a feeling that, apart from a couple panels at the Ramada, I may be spending a lot of time at the Mercure.  Could it be as good as last years’ event?  If it is I’ll need an ambulance to get me home because the excitement will be too much (I’m very old you know).

One thing, if you are attending, and if you see me you can say “Hello” -the new medication has kicked in and if you want to hand over a comic for review -Small Press or Independent look for my ugly mug.

This year I am hoping to get a few photographs of the Cosplay attendees and I am very ready for that Imperial Trooper who pokes me in the bum each year with his weapon (laser gun, plasma rifle -whatever you want to call it!).

Weather was supposed to be hot and sticky BUT it is now going to be sunny, showery and a bit cooler.  As last years Expo was over the hottest weekend of the year this year should be better.  The walk between the Ramada-Mercure is only, what, 500 metres?

So, you have the schedule of events here on CBO -print it out so you are prepared. You see an old guy with a walking stick be polite and don’t keep knocking the stick from under him.  It’ll be me.

Everyone coming to Bristol -enjoy yourselves and if you can take in a few of the sights!



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