Black Tower’s Who’s Who!

Now you just know that I’m going to write “Because YOU demanded it!”, don’t you?

Anyway, in case you have not visited the Black Tower Comics and Books Face Book page, I thought I’d clearly identify the type of creators who work for nothing but the love of their art! (Did you believe that??)



Benjamin R. Dilworth. The Mysterious giant of Nippon! Back with a creative vengeance with Merriwether 2, Purple Hood strips and MUCH more to come- such as Western Yokai  and Japanese Yokai plus numerous strips for BT Adventure including the return of Runestone.

Ben needs a major THANK YOU from Terry so THANK YOU!


Gavin Ross drew the original Chung Ling Soo And The Jade Dragon and is currently working on Dene Vernon And The Thing From Below and Chung Ling Soo And The Case Of The Thames Serpent!

You’ll dig his black and white work.
Also publishes the Marc Bolan/T Rex fanzine


Paul Ashley Brown aka:”Old Slow Hand”, “Panting Pazzer,” “Maid of Power”. Great cover work for Merriwether 1 as well as Dr Morg and promises something called Outlaws 4024 soon!

known for manically depressing readers with Browner Knowle editions (aka:”slit your wrist specials”).

His dream -to drive a bus over the Clifton Downs cliff with P.J. AHarvey and Morrisey sat next to him.  Honest.

Tom “Lovely” Elmes. King of The Zine Nasty and, though this photo is quite old, we are assured he is still quite lovely. Tom wrote and drew Post War Funnies as well as Descent. Currently working on animation storyboards.

Wade Retro. Former KGB Super-soldier wrestler and pigeon-wrangler. He turned up with a Kalashnikov one day and an envelope full of photos and we can’t get rid of him or his baked beans recipe book. Help!



Michael David Hooper:Aka formerly Kid M,Mad Mike and “Chopper pilot”. Contributor plus logo and some cover designs [see The Ultimate Centaur Collection].

Not got the looks he used to have so occasionally colours pages for CBO.

So, those are the main people. Not a female artist in sight.  Why is there no female presence?  Well, we do have Paul Brown…..?


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