I Once Went To London And Booked Myself In At The YWCA

I’ve always had the greatest respect for creators who,week-in-week-out can draw very funny strips.  I’ve admired how people like Davy Francis and Lew Stringer get the look right and add so much to each panel.

Of course,the fact that I’ve lost my sense of humour to a degree over the years doesn’t help but I can still appreciate the art and work.

My own sketchbooks are full of bits of humour -or attempts at it!- drawn while bored with endless super heroic battles or horror strip drawing.  I offer two of these up to the curious but make no claims about quality!

The first was to be a CD cover for a “THBC -Theatre Of Fear” radio style show that was to be sketches and gags running to 45 minutes.  Sadly,no material seemed up to what I wanted so I scrapped it!


“Kulinary Korner With Tel” was to have been part of the Theatre Of Fear -segments where ludicrous recipes were given and supposedly tried out on air -always ending with vomitting and the sound of an ambulance. It seemed funny but then,thinking again,I gave up.

Here you are anyway.



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