The Story Behind Black Tower Adventure 5’s Cover

I got a few questions regarding the Black Tower Adventure 5 cover I posted on CBO.
I was told by two people that the creature “looked familiar -from a comic?”  I was also asked if I had the pencils to this work.

So, to answer the questions….

I’m not just a British Golden Age comics fan but also a US GA fan.  I love the more obscure companies and Prize Comics is one of those.  It was for Prize that Dick Briefer created Frankenstein -a character that took in a lot of comic genres though, in the main horror and, sadly, later humour.

Above: Dick Briefer’s Frankenstein.

About ten (?) years ago I was asked to draw Briefer’s Frankenstein (yes, I know it is “the creature” or “creation”!).  I drew the illo below and the guy raved about it.  However, he then said he’d like to have it but had decided not to buy it!  It seems he was well known for doing this and if he got the illo from the artist he put them up on ebay to sell.

I  sent a copy of the illo to Ben Dilworth in Japan, not really sure why but he seemed to be quite taken with it. In a couple of weeks I received Dilworth’s version but Dilworth being Dilworth he decided to include another Black Tower horror character -Xendragon.

Now, I showed this to Brother Mike (Knowle Chapter) and he decided to do a quick colour job which you see below!

This was too good an illo (and in colour) to just file away and as I always need a cover illustration that’s what it turned into!  Then, of course, I realised that the strip would need to be drawn to go with this.  That first parter is near complete.

As to my pencils for the illo…well, my pencils are non-existent and so I don’t have any -believe me, they are not that sufficient to warrant scanning!

But there you have the story behind the cover!


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