It Doesn’t Start Here…But It’s A Good Place To Continue!

The story of Black Tower Books and Comics goes waaay back. Why a Black Tower?  Well, it is on the Hooper family crest!


And I had included a black tower on my early drawings-cum-comics when I was a youngster.  However, the first published Black Tower logo was in 1984 on Black Tower Adventure, Black Tower Presents and other Small Press comics.


Over the years the Small Press side grew and so did the Black Tower Universe.  In 2008 I decided that rather than draw, write or package books for other companies I ought to be concentrating on my own books.  After all, I’m not getting any younger!


So, if you need to, check out the About page.  Hopefully I’ll get some art and info up here as soon as possible so keep popping by!


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